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Digamma Pentacosiomedimnos

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East Africa 2009 | Day 2 | Dubai to Nairobi [Oct. 27th, 2009|07:07 pm]
Digamma Pentacosiomedimnos
The flight from Dubai to Nairobi on October 2 was not as good as the one to Dubai. I sat next to a smelly dude who had his elbow in my seat. But I slept the whole way.

Smile, You're in Kenya.

(Not my photo.)

I smiled. I was in Kenya.Collapse )

Next entry: crocodiles and giraffes!
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East Africa 2009 | Day 1 | New York to Dubai [Oct. 26th, 2009|08:53 pm]
Digamma Pentacosiomedimnos
I woke up bright and early on October 1, 2009 to pack and head out to John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport in Queens. The L train was about two stops east of mine when I realized I'd forgotten my camera. At Myrtle Avenue I came very close to jumping out and getting on a train going the opposite way but I decided to play it safe and not risk missing my flight.

At the airport I bought a camera that cost $50 more than my usual one and takes photos that aren't half as good. So all of the photos you're going to see in this travelogue are ugly.


There's the 777 that took me on the 12 hour flight from New York to Dubai. Emirates is a pretty sweet airline. The inflight entertainment system is ridiculous - over 150 movies on demand. You could fly from New York to Dubai and back fifteen times and not watch all the movies. The music system has an album with every UK #1 hit since 1962: I was rocking some Hangin Tough. The food's not amazing but they came through with my vegetarian request at every meal.

Two photos from that flight.Collapse )

I watched The Other Taking of Pelham 123 and Angels and Demons, and slept a bit, and the flight didn't last too long at all.

Next entry: Kenya!
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2003|02:03 pm]
Digamma Pentacosiomedimnos
This is my first and last public entry. I only have this account to be able to post on other people's journals.

UPDATE (May 16, 2005 @ 2:18 AM EDT): This entry is quite false. I post a lot here, but it's all friends-only. To join the fun, comment on this entry and ask to be added.

UPDATE (July 6, 2006 @ 10:16 PM EDT): If you were able to read this journal before and you aren't now, take a deep breath. I probably haven't removed you. You need to go here and log back in. Sheesh.
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